Man S Guide To The Spiritual Disciplines

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For every ten men in church, nine will have children who leave the church. Eight will not find their jobs satisfying. Six will pay only the monthly minimum on their credit card balances. Five will have a major problem with pornography. Four will get divorced (affecting one million children per year). Only one will have a biblical worldview, and all ten will wrestle to balance work and family. With these kinds of issues facing men today, we need more than an annual men?s gathering and regular church attendance to keep our faith strong. It takes discipline and determination to stand against the tide. A Man?s Guide to the Spiritual Disciplines will give men the tools they need to reflect Christ in the context of marriage, family, and the daily grind. And that?s what men are made for. - - - - - - - - - - Additional Product Details - ISBN13: 9780802475510 // ISBN: 0802475515 // UPC: // Publisher: MOODY PUBLISHING // Author: Morley Patrick // Product Type: Christian Living > Book > Book // Binding: Hardcover // Subject: Christian Living > Practical Life > Men


(No reviews yet) Write a Review